“It was like a horror movie with a happy ending. I was walking down the street phone in hand, totally unaware (cue ominous music) of the serial phone screen killer lurking around the corner biding his moment. I turned the corner and BAM! The treacherous tarmac terror, aka a hole in the pavement, sent my phone flying and crashing to the ground. With pounding heart and trembling hands, I rushed to pick it up – and there wasn’t a scratch on it! Divine intervention? Or maybe my SAFE. screen protection? Who knows?”

“It was love at first sight. My phone and me. We met at the store. Eyes locking across the counter. And since then it’s been the two of us against the World … well, the THREE of us against the World, because I also met SAFE. at the counter. And seriously, without it we wouldn’t have made it past the first bump in the road … that made me bang my screen against the car door handle. With SAFE. I’m sure we’ll live happily ever after (well at least until they launch a newer and hotter phone model).”

“I’ve never set foot in a phone repair shop. I swear. And it’s not because I don’t bang, bump, drop and fumble my phone on a regular basis. No, it’s because the moment I bought my phone, I also bought a screen protector. So thank you, SAFE. for keeping my phone safe and me out of phone repair shops.”