Keep your phone SAFE.

SAFE. from dance floor mishaps.

SAFE. from accidental drops and unexpected scratches.

SAFE. from cracking or shattering when you live your life to the fullest.

SAFE. from fumbling or selfies gone wrong.

Fantastic Four Layers!

The oleophobic layer is crucial in your reaction to our product. Yes, it’s anti-fingerprint. But they all are. Feel how the PanzerGlass™ stimulates your senses.

The key differentiator is the glass. It is engineered to create the perfect balance between strength and thickness to fit your device.

The film layer is all about safety. It is glued to the glass, so if the glass shatters, it does not scatter. For you it means your safety is never compromised.

The silicone layer is not just for easy installation. Did you know that it levels out the surface of the screen and removes scratches on a used phone?