SAFE. by PanzerGlass™

SAFE. by PanzerGlass™ TPU Case Samsung Galaxy Tab A8

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Protect your tablet from screen smashing streaming, couch chilling catastrophes and other tablet totaling tragedies with the Soft TPU Case from SAFE. by PanzerGlass™️. The thin, sleek and elegant case is made of 100% recycled material that shields your tablet effectively, while giving you full access to all of its functions. The soft, transparent back cover and frame is anti-yellowing, ensuring that the case will continue to look great, day after day – even when exposed to sunlight and beach parties. 

Installation is easy. Just click the case on, and you can breathe freely, knowing that you’ll never again fear the terrifying sight of your tablet tumbling to the ground. This may not happen, but if it does, you’ll regret not having clicked “add to cart”.